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10/21/11 Chris’ First Visit

My first visit with Dr Z was very encouraging to me.    I had seen many doctors in the past, but the problem with my visits before is that they were not my idea, and I didn’t even want to be there.  It’s different now.   I’m actually excited to see this doctor because I’m open to […]

Background to A Path Not Taken

Welcome to “A Path Not Taken.” To see an introductory video click on “Read More.” In my first book, Too Good to be True? Nutrients Quiet the Unquiet Brain, published in 2003, I shared my family’s four generation bipolar odyssey.  Some of you sent me emails thanking me for the positive contribution that book made in […]

My Background

My father asked me to participate in an online blog, an ongoing discussion between him and me that we will post periodically on the internet.  In this blog, he has asked me to detail feelings, thoughts and experiences I have on my journey towards recovery, especially in regards to my treatment.   I am more than […]

Hope Springs Eternal for Covid-19, Not for Us

Last week as I was watching PBS news, I was hoping, but not expecting, to learn something true about the pandemic. After all, PBS had a reputation of being nonpolitical. As I was hearing the same repeated story (stay apart, get your vaccines) etc, I was surprised to see what looked like some real news. […]

Tell the Truth and We Will Make You Pay

Today, November 26, the market drops 900 points on the news of a new variant called Omicron that may escape the vaccines. Moderna stock goes up 72 Dollars, or 26 percent. The CBS newscast was quick to point out that the virus emerged among those not vaccinated. The implication is obvious: Those who didn’t get […]

The Straw Man at Work: Paxlovid vs Ivermectin

Fact checkers from the so-called “trusted news initiative” such as Reuters are doing the usual straw man strategy, this time regarding Pfizer’s new COVID-19 anti viral drug, Paxlovid.*The claim? The anti-vax crowd is spreading lies that the Pfizer product is the same as ivermectin. One of the more infamous astroturfing “fact checkers,” David Gorski, weighs […]

COVID-19, the Kidnappers, and the Stockholm Syndrome.

I submitted a proposal to Sue Hoek and Public Health to end the pandemic. I don’t know if it will be implemented, discussed, or even put on the docket. However, I do know some factors that will affect the vetting process. COVID has challenged our historical commitment to evidence-based medicine, diversity of ideas and inalienable […]

A Proposal for the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and Public Health.

Summary Whereas:  The COVID-19 injections, rather than providing the much-anticipated herd immunity, are increasing the number of cases and deaths in spite of short term (3-4 months) individual reduction in case count and symptom severity. (Vaccines like the polio vaccine actually prevent the spread of pathogens. Before September 2021, a “vaccine” produced immunity to a […]

And then they came for me

One of the advantages of posting on my own website as well as Substack is that when I run into a technical problem, I simply link to the other site. Instead of trying to figure out what “not a JSON response” means and how to fix it, I simply send you to the same post […]

Biden: Make The Pandemic Worse. Get The Shot!

This post contains a 3 minute video of my presentation to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and a slightly modified version of a column I sent to The Union, our local paper, which, if past history is any indication, will be summarily rejected. Here is the video: I submitted this column entitled, “Misinformation from […]

Important to Follow Safety Procedures

This is all about what you didn’t know about wearing life jackets. Click here for a very funny skit filled with profound and hidden truths. This drama defies all the intelligent algorithms of the bought media. See it here before it is discovered, CENSORED and CANCELLED. Share with your friends:) Click here for another one […]

The Proof is in the Pudding

Three days ago I published a post warning of increasingly tyrannical measures being taken around the world to stifle dissent. I also wrote that COVID-19 vaccinations are actually increasing the number of COVID-19 cases. I didn’t need confirmation of the tyrannical piece of that post. We see it everyday in all our media. But I […]

“Make the lie big and eventually they will believe it.”

Actually, the entire quote is from Joseph Goebbels: “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Here are some examples of telling big lies long enough. Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. Russian agents planted Hunter Biden’s laptop.   Those who suggest that the […]