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Hope Springs Eternal for Covid-19, Not for Us

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Last week as I was watching PBS news, I was hoping, but not expecting, to learn something true about the pandemic. After all, PBS had a reputation of being nonpolitical. As I was hearing the same repeated story (stay apart, get your vaccines) etc, I was surprised to see what looked like some real news. A respectable gray haired academic from some prestigious university was being interviewed about Covid-19 when the subject of Vermont came up. The guest said that Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the US and also the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Maybe, this “trusted news” source was going to allow truthful reporting. After all, one of their...

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Get YOUR Vaccine

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Each person should have the freedom to make decisions based on informed consent. Given complete information, each person can decide to do what is best for their situation. The institutions that are supposed to look out for us have not only failed to given us complete information, but have actively suppressed it.

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Random Covid Facts

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His protestations to Congress notwithstanding, Dr. Fauci played a pivotal role in funding gain–of-function research in Wuhan.  This bypassed Obama administration’s policy prohibiting such research, which, very likely ultimately contributed to a leak of SARS COV-2 from the lab in Wuhan. In the June 6 Wall Street Journal, Drs. Quay and Miller report that a unique genetic sequence, the “double CGC” points to a laboratory origin. They ask why a natural virus would replicate the same sequence that a gain-of-function lab would insert. The “double CGC” is not found in the natural world. Further, they say the reason the entire genome was not...

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