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January, 2020: The first COVID-19 case is identified in the United States. 11 March, 2020: WHO declares COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. Lockdowns, social distancing, travel restrictions, school closings, job losses, shortages follow. 14 December 2020: COVID jabs begin: “I feel like healing is coming.” says nurse Sandra Lindsey as she is one of the first to get the COVID jab. As the vaccines progress, a women cries tears of joy. “I will now be able to get back to my life.” April 2021: Data from a trial of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel demonstrate effectiveness. These were the heady days of the vaccine story. Note how the unvaccinated...

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Heart Failure From MRNA Jabs “Will Kill Most People”?

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In a July 6 interview, 2021, Dr Charles Hoffe, a family doctor from a small rural town in British Colombia Canada, stated that mRNA vaccines are plugging up thousands of tiny capillaries in those who took the ‘vaccine.’ He said, “Most will die in a few short years from heart failure.” OK, he got my attention. Initial reactions? He is working for some right wing organization. He is delusional. He is reporting a truth. While I do hope his prediction is overstated, I think I should listen and evaluate what he has to say.  For a hint, I already checked a fact checker who denied his claims. However, the “checker” mistakenly equated strokes that show up on...

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Back to square one

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We now have almost universal recognition of the following facts: The “vaccines” are not actual vaccines. They did initially mitigate symptoms and reduce the risk of infection. Over time they are less able to prevent or halt the spread of the SARS COV-2 virus. All the covid-19 jabs lose their effectiveness. After six months, the MRNA jab is 75% effective while the Pfeizer is 42% effective. For this reason, Israel has begun giving booster shots and the public is being prepared for the same here.   Because the shots do not prevent or cure the infections, immune shedding of the virus occurs. This provides a favorable environment for the viruses to evolve....

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A Modest Proposal

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The lessons of COVID-19 will be with us for some time. We have learned that the world is a dangerous place with thousands of microbes searching for a home—in us.  Thanks to COVID-19, we are now all painfully aware of these perils. But if we act now we can remain safe.  How, you ask? In addition to protecting ourselves from COVID, we must protect ourselves from other threats. These include but are not limited to the flu, pneumonia, RSV and  C. pneumonia (which can cause  pneumonia), S1N1, MERs, chicken pox, hand foot and mouth disease and human papillomavirus which can predispose to cancer.  The solution is to expand the current nascent...

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Get YOUR Vaccine

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Each person should have the freedom to make decisions based on informed consent. Given complete information, each person can decide to do what is best for their situation. The institutions that are supposed to look out for us have not only failed to given us complete information, but have actively suppressed it.

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