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The Straw Man at Work: Paxlovid vs Ivermectin

Posted by on Nov 20, 2021 in COVID-19, Dave's Blog | 2 comments
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Fact checkers from the so-called “trusted news initiative” such as Reuters are doing the usual straw man strategy, this time regarding Pfizer’s new COVID-19 anti viral drug, Paxlovid.*The claim? The anti-vax crowd is spreading lies that the Pfizer product is the same as ivermectin. One of the more infamous astroturfing “fact checkers,” David Gorski, weighs in by denying the very similar actions of both drugs. However, both products do have similar mechanisms of action, ivermectin’s action being superior. One is patented and very expensive, $700 for a five day course of treatment and one is off patent and very cheap, less than $40...

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