In the future, how will healthcare providers assess and treat the millions deemed to be mentally ill? As Don Draper said on Mad Men, “The future is something we haven’t even thought of yet.” Whether you are a patient, a family member or a healthcare provider, know this. Change is coming. The time to start thinking about it is now.

Do you have concerns about how your loved one is being treated?

Would you like to discover ways to keep a son or daughter out of the hospital and/or jail?

Are you concerned about the effects of medications on your brain or the brain of your loved one?

Do you ever wonder why the biology of “mental“ diagnoses seems to be ignored so often?

Would you like to track the progress of your loved ones through lab tests?

Would you like to help a loved one or a close friend dealing with mental illness?

Would you like to keep your brain from “screaming Ouch!”

Are you open-minded towards new perspectives?

Are you willing to work hard to find answers?

Are you ready to learn more about the history of mental disorders?

This site is about the struggle many of us face trying to understand and respond to mental illness. It is also about a future where we have moved beyond mental illness. For more detail and a historical perspective visit bipolarodyssey.com.