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To Be or Not to Be? The Death Lottery

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We all saw it on TV. In the early days of the Wuhan virus, people would suddenly collapse. Did they faint or die? Both. Today we are still seeing this behavior. A woman tries to catch her balance while collapsing then falls off the platform into an oncoming subway train. A 17 year old boy gets his COVID jab and dies suddenly while singing two days later. A soccer player keels over dead or with severe heart damage. A 14 year old is  hospitalized with acute myocarditis one day after getting his first COVID_19 JAB. His mother had tweeted, “My 14 year old got his first COVID-19 shot today. We are so thankful.” He survived his vaccine-induced myocarditis, but is now...

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Pass or Fail? You be the Judge

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Dr Fauci Letter#2 Dr Fauci, As you prepare to graduate from public service it is only fitting to take this opportunity to assess your performance as the highest paid official in the US government in managing the COVID-19 crisis. Some of your highly influential proclamations are listed below, subjected to the scrutiny of evidenced-based medicine. 1. The COVID vaccines are safe and effective.  They will protect you from getting COVID-19, but if you do get sick, they will minimize symptoms. COVID-19 is a disease of the unvaccinated.(false) Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a highly respected British cardiologist and practitioner of evidence-based medicine initially...

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