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Status update

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Dave's Blog | 0 comments
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Chris’s Lyme test came back from Advanced Labs positive for Lyme disease. In early 2012, before antibiotic treatment, it took  three months for sufficient spirochetes to grow in order to confirm the diagnosis. This time, six months after termination of treatment,  it took just a few weeks.  This suggests to me that, after antibiotic treatment, the Bb was more active! Did our “successful” year long treatment with three oral antibiotics simply kill most of the Borrelia burgdorferi  while selecting out the more virulent organisms and allow them to add to any already-existing biofilm? They call it persistence. All bacteria do it. Apparently Lyme does it with a...

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What if…

Posted by on Mar 13, 2013 in Events | 2 comments
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What if the media stopped describing those who kill innocent school children, movie goers, college students and marathon spectators as evil, mad, insane, fanatical or mentally ill? What if the media, on cue from physicians and scientists, described biologically meaningful conditions that, had they been identified earlier, would have been treatable? Here are some to be ruled out in the Newtown shooter. 1. Undiagnosed neuro Lyme disease (and coinfections). Lyme and coinfections are implicated in numerous psychiatric disorders, including violent psychosis. 2. High copper levels in the brain. High copper distinguishes some criminally psychotic from non criminally psychotic...

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Better Late than Never

Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Dave's Blog | 6 comments
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May 15 2012. Maybe today we will start on the elephant in the room that has been ignored by his health care providers for years, neuroborreliosis (Lyme disease) and C. pneumonia. Chris and I gave Dr Z the rundown on the interventions he had suggested. Chris has sequentially taken each. The Byron White formula for Babesia had no effect. Same with the Bartonella formula. The Amatadine 100 mg twice a day was associated with poor sleep for a few days and may have been associated with his post Odyssey House hypomania. We told him about the additional Depakote and that I was giving Chris carnitine again. He agreed with that. I told Dr Z that while Borna Disease virus is linked...

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Where do We Go from Here?

Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Dave's Blog | 2 comments
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Earlier in our odyssey, we learned that testing “proved” that he had Bartonella Henselae and that he didn’t have Babesia. In 2002 his Bartonella was treated with Cipro and supposedly cured, but later the testing indicated the infection had returned. He was successfully treated a second time. Chris’ doc at that time—we can call him Dr S—said he didn’t have Babesia. I figured we could leave that all behind. Not so. At our 5 March appointment with Dr Z he said he wanted Chris to sequentially take two homeopathic drops from the Byron White Formulas, A Bart and A BAB, starting with five drops twice a day and increasing to 15 twice a day unless he has a Herx....

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After 14 years….

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Dave's Blog | 2 comments
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Advanced Laboratory Services has just proved that my son has Lyme disease.

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