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Status update

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Dave's Blog | 0 comments
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Chris’s Lyme test came back from Advanced Labs positive for Lyme disease. In early 2012, before antibiotic treatment, it took  three months for sufficient spirochetes to grow in order to confirm the diagnosis. This time, six months after termination of treatment,  it took just a few weeks.  This suggests to me that, after antibiotic treatment, the Bb was more active! Did our “successful” year long treatment with three oral antibiotics simply kill most of the Borrelia burgdorferi  while selecting out the more virulent organisms and allow them to add to any already-existing biofilm? They call it persistence. All bacteria do it. Apparently Lyme does it with a...

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No Lyme? Now What?

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The second Advance labs test taken in November between episodes came back showing no evidence of spirochetes. What does this mean? I had the opportunity to meet innovative health care providers Dr David Martz and Dr Neil Rawlins at the Physicians Roundtable conference in March. Dr Martz successfully treated his ALS with IV Rocephin. He had (has?) Lyme disease. Dr Rawlins is an OB GYN doctor from Washington State who is highly knowledgeable about methylation, a subject I discuss in Beyond Mental Illness. During a social event, I told both of them of Chris’s remarkable 19 month period of stability, the longest ever since his first psychotic episode in 1999. During much...

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After 14 years….

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Dave's Blog | 2 comments
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Advanced Laboratory Services has just proved that my son has Lyme disease.

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