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The whole truth, and nothing but the “psychiatric” truth

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Now that the books are finally out the door, it is time to give a progress report. While taking the antibiotics, supplements and antibiotics, Chris had a 19 month run of good health during which time he held a job, not a small accomplishment, given his previous history of multiple episodes. He had been doing so well that his psychiatrist slowly took him off the Haldol while continuing with Depakote and Seroquel. She recommended that he stop taking the antibiotics. I argued that until we knew that the infections were gone, I thought he should stay on them. Chris maintained his compliance with his psychiatrists treatment program, but did not take his antibiotics,...

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My latest meeting with doctor Z

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In my latest meeting with the doctor, my dad asked if Minocycline was as effective against Lyme disease as any of the other antibiotics I am taking. He suggested switching with one of the other antibiotics since that drug has been highly effective in reducing symptoms of psychosis. Dr Z said we could do that but I told him I didn’t want to change any of the meds. The doctor, not having any reason to disagree with me, said he was in favor of keeping my dosages and medications the same, and not rock the boat. I appreciate the doctor for listening to my concerns, and agreeing to keep the medications the same. So far it has been nearly 9 months since my last...

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Better Late than Never

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May 15 2012. Maybe today we will start on the elephant in the room that has been ignored by his health care providers for years, neuroborreliosis (Lyme disease) and C. pneumonia. Chris and I gave Dr Z the rundown on the interventions he had suggested. Chris has sequentially taken each. The Byron White formula for Babesia had no effect. Same with the Bartonella formula. The Amatadine 100 mg twice a day was associated with poor sleep for a few days and may have been associated with his post Odyssey House hypomania. We told him about the additional Depakote and that I was giving Chris carnitine again. He agreed with that. I told Dr Z that while Borna Disease virus is linked...

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