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I have three friends who have recently been treated for arrhythmias. When I suggested to them that electromagnetic fields (EMF) could play a role in causing or aggravating their condition, their eyes glazed over and they looked away. Their doctors didn’t tell them that. If there were a problem with EMF surely some health care professional would have told them about it.

Those who have read my previous columns, books, tweets, or seen my website, may view me as a certifiable luddite, which fact alone should disqualify me from pontificating about the increasing threats to our health from electromagnetic fields (EMF), GMOs, to name a few high-tech mixed-blessing-innovations.

But, lack of credentials notwithstanding, the evidence is actually already in. EMF can cause or aggravate arrhythmias, not to mention diabetes, but that is a subject for another blog post. I suspect most physicians don’t get this information in their professional journals.

Surprisingly, the very high tech that has caused this problem may help us to better identify and “treat” it by avoiding exposure. Many mobile phones now come with an EKG “machine” that can identify heart arrhythmias. What if those phones could be used to generate data so that we better understand the risks?

Here is my simple proposal for anyone who may be or has been diagnosed with heart irregularities such as arrhythmias. Drive to an isolated spot away from Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell phones, cell phone towers, remote phones, and dirty electricity. Then do an EKG with your cell phone in airplane mode. Save the results and print them when you get home. Then select a location that is “hot,” such as your home where you will likely be exposed to EMF from smart meters, remote phones, cell phones, Wi-Fi (yours and your neighbors), and dirty electricity. Get as close as you can to radiating sources. You could even go to your doctor’s office where there will likely be significant EMF. Do the same test and print it. If there is a difference, show the results to your doctor. Maybe he will suggest that you avoid EMF before considering ablation surgery.

Speaking of which, the number of annual ablations for heart arrhythmias have increased, as has the number of hospitals performing ablations, average patient age, rate of complications, and hospital length of stay. Is this related to an aging population? Is something else at work? A recent article in The Union by Doctors Elizabeth Ko and Eve Glazier reported a study showing that long work hours may be contributing to heart arrhythmias. They suggest that working too hard may be harmful to your heart. This begs the question. What is the problem, working too hard or working in a high- EMF environment? The answer may be found in our cell phones.

Meanwhile, an FCC 100-page draft order “Streamlining Deployment of Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure,” was approved September 26. The telecoms are taking no chances. While the media limits our attention span to politics, the border and the stock market, we remain oblivious to more important long-term problems such as the regulatory approval by the FCC for 5 G antennae in front of our homes.

Another government agency, the FDA was similarly nonresponsive during the first Bush administration when it declared that GMO corn was generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Then and now, our corporation-contaminated-government seems hell-bent on promoting technologies that have not been proven safe and are, in fact harmful. I recently tweeted a post of research showing that glyphosate from GMOs and Roundup is causing fatty livers, another subject for another blog. Check out a new breed of TV ads for liver transplants we have never seen before.

In Beyond Mental Illness, I predicted that some EMF refugees would move to Green Banks West Virginia to escape the ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation. No EMF is allowed in a 10 square mile area there. Seems it would interfere with the radio telescopes. A recent Netflix special, “Afflicted” supports my prediction. Not everyone who is electrically sensitive can afford to move there. Not everyone with a fatty liver can afford organic food.

It may take a generation before the public becomes concerned enough about the ubiquitous invisible blanket of electromagnetic radiation affecting living beings to do anything about it or before the dangers of glyphosate become common knowledge. But any person doing this simple proposal can at least become more aware of the risks inherent in electromagnetic fields.

For more information on the risks of EMF go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScUTQdluhTw&list=PLMAz9ZRXjYmp8vCf4HKxmLhdqEgbqYS65

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