A Song about Lyme Disease Testing and Treatment

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I wrote and recorded this song 7 years ago, and am finally getting around to posting it. I wrote it after Barbara Johnson, PhD, from the CDC wrote an article panning Dr Eva Sapi’s Advanced Labs blood test that identified Lyme spirochetes in a blood culture. Johnson apparently had a patent on another test used to diagnose Lyme disease. Sapi’s blood culture test test has now been incorporated into IgeneX, a trusted source for Lyme disease testing. Chris took those tests and they provided invaluable diagnostic information. In addition, the song was my way to object to the pervasive denial of the seriousness of Lyme disease by mainstream medicine. I was naive to think that my efforts, including the three books I wrote could seriously challenge mainstream medical orthodoxy, but I had fun trying. The song is structured as a dialogue with the power elites declaring certain truths and the Lyme literate community challenging those “truths.”

The text reveals my frustration with psychiatrists and other health professionals who continually fail to see a link between Lyme disease and bipolar as well as other disorders. The denial of mainstream medicine of the significance of Lyme disease will, like the denial of the importance of hand washing during Semmelweis’ day come to be viewed as a monumental scandal. My 2015 book “Beyond Mental Illness” explores the need for a major reconceptualization of the causes and treatments for illnesses, physical illnesses resulting from multiple identifiable and treatable factors such as nutritional deficits and infections.

For those not familiar with the issues here is a glossary of terms used in “We’re Right! You’re Wrong:”

BB spirochete: the bacterium that causes Lyme disease and other tick associated infections.

CDC: Center for Disease Control, the organization that still does not recognize chronic Lyme disease.

FDA: Food and Drug Administration, an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It is funded by corporations that have resisted innovations in Lyme diagnosis and treatment. An example of their conflict of interest is their opposition to Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 which favors big pharma over the health of patients. They also tried to stop cancer doctor, Dr Burzynski who, in spite of the FDA has been curing some terminal cases of brain tumors for years now.

Kaiser Permanente: This is a managed care consortium that did a study on Morgellons Disease, a skin condition caused by Lyme disease except they didn’t evaluate anyone who actually had the characteristic fibers growing out of their skin.

IDSA: Infectious Disease Society of the USA, an organization that has continually stifled the efforts of Lyme literate physicians to treat chronic Lyme disease. They call the disease post lyme syndrome.

Dr Jones: Dr Charles Ray Jones, at 90 years old is the world’s leading pediatric specialist on Lyme Disease. Children from all over the world have come to him when their Lyme-denying caregivers have failed them.

Blood culture test for Lyme disease: A test that grows spirochetes from the blood in culture.


  1. I love the happy tune about such a sad situation! Thank you for writing this and thank you for including Morgellons!

  2. Love the snappy tune! Hate the Bb spirochete!

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