Advanced Laboratory Services has just proved that my son has Lyme disease.


  1. (Colorado) well me and my family went cmaipng the other weekend well after we got back home my little girl(1/12 ) woke up and i saw what seemed to be a few mosquito bits, so i left them alone, days latter they began to get redder and redder. And 7 days latter it was hor1fd8rible looking- looked just like a bullseyes, and come to see that their were numerous ones by this time, 3 on her elbow 1 on her lower shoulder and 3 on her upper shoulder closer to her neck, oh and one REALLY big one(but not bullseye mark) on her side. I took her in and the doctor wasn’t to think its Lyme, but they think it is a possibility-so we got her blood tested.well i guess if you do it too soon like sooner then 14 days then their gonna come back negative and once you start taking antibiotics it may never show up positive!!! Hers are kinda itchy and she doesn’t seem to have other symptoms, then again she cant really talk yet either but from what i can tell she is doing okay FOR NOW other then the markings. ! day after taking the antibiotics and calidril lotion the marks are starting to dry our which is lighting up the red. I have noticed that it seems to be traveling up to the side of her hair line like right behind her ear its getting red. I am determined to get antibiotics for her i just cant seem to find correlation with anything else!!! i am very concernd for my babys health. we all had bug sprey on and pants i just dont get it:( even though i cought it within a week and have gotten her on antibiotice is this gonna haunt her for the rest of her life or will the antibiotices most likly clear it up since we cought it soo soon thank you, my email is jana123456 [at] and we can swap pictures just in the subject write Lyme thank you!

  2. i had Chrohn’s disease. After being tretaed for that for about a year, i still got worse and worse. After that, the doctor sent me to some of the “best” internal medicine doctors in New York. Every single one of them claimed i was faking and that everything was in my head. One of them even had the nerve to tell me to throw a party because i had tricked everyone. By this point, not only was i sick and dying, but i was clinically depressed and suicidal. Not many people know what its like to be dying and to have the “best” doctors around tell you your faking it, By this point even my parents started to believe i was. Finally, about 2 years after getting sick, i went to a lyme specialist and was diagnosed with Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Bartonella. after about a year and a half of treatment i was almost better, but then got it again and so repeated the cycle of symptoms. Now im still beaing tretaed, but im immune to almost all of the medicines available. so basicly now im back to being clinically depressed.long story short(sorry for venting lol)lyme disease is horrible. It can mimmic almost any symptom, and many doctors know nothing about it. Most doctors still believe that you need a bullseye rash you dont. I know many people who have had chronic lyme like me and they all feel the same way about it. I know people who have had brain tumors form because of lyme, and i even know someone who developed epilepsy from lyme. Its not a disease to be taken lightly. Its a horrible disease that needs to be recognized by doctors.Lyme in a way has ruined my life. I missed most of 5th grade, all of middle school, and 85% of highschool. mentally, i cant even begin to explain how its affected me.

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