Back to square one

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We now have almost universal recognition of the following facts:

  • The “vaccines” are not actual vaccines. They did initially mitigate symptoms and reduce the risk of infection. Over time they are less able to prevent or halt the spread of the SARS COV-2 virus.
  • All the covid-19 jabs lose their effectiveness. After six months, the MRNA jab is 75% effective while the Pfeizer is 42% effective. For this reason, Israel has begun giving booster shots and the public is being prepared for the same here.  
  • Because the shots do not prevent or cure the infections, immune shedding of the virus occurs. This provides a favorable environment for the viruses to evolve. Contrary to conventional wisdom, because of this immune shedding, the “vaccinated” facilitate more variants than the unvaccinated. 
  • While initially, viral vectors were lower in the vaccinated, this is no longer true. Now, these vectors are showing up in equal amounts in the vaccinated and unvaccinated.  This contributes to so called breakout infections. In other words, the vaccinated are just as contagious now as the unvaccinated, possibly more so since the unvaccinated are more likely to get symptoms and stay at home compared to the vaccinated.

We have strong evidence for the following:

  • According to Dr Robert Malone, creator of the MRNA technology, ADE (antibody dependency enhancement) is starting to occur in those vaccinated 6 or more months.  The virus becomes more contagious, inflammatory and lethal.  As more “vaccines” are given, the likelihood of variants, and ADE increases.
  • In July of this year, 469 breakout COVID-19 infections occurred in Barnstable Massachusetts. Seventy four percent of these were in fully vaccinated individuals.  Functional Medicine Dr Dan Stock attributes this to ADE. Early attempts to develop vaccines for viruses in humans and animals led eventually to ADE.
  • In the long run, the more shots given, the greater level of disease will follow. If lethal variants evolve, this will be blamed on the “unvaccinated” when it will actually be a result of the millions of shots given during the pandemic.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that all of the above is false. The CDC, WHO, media, big tech, big pharma, and vaccine industrial complex with a great deal of coordination and censoring, are correct in advocating more and more and more vaccines. (What happens after the booster wears off after six months?) There is still a logical problem with where the country is blindly heading.

The logic for mandatory “vaccinations” is that it protects others.  Now we know this is not true. It provides short-lived symptom relief for the “vaccinated” who become infected with COVID-19. Reduction of acute symptoms is not the same as cure or prevention of transmission to others. Long term it appears to be deleterious. Oops, I did state we were going to assume that all of the above was false.  

So, here is the point. The government has no right to make me be healthy, especially since, in the long term, my health risk to others is no different whether I am vaccinated or not.  I have a perfect right to smoke as much as I want, to drink as much as I want, as long as I can go to work and perform, even if it is ultimately going to kill me. I have a right not to be vaccinated.  The same logic for a nanny-state mandated vaccine demands that employers should require all their employees take antabuse to assure they do not drink, and be tested for tobacco residue to assure they do not smoke. But if my work is satisfactory, my employer has no right to demand I stop smoking or drinking.  Yet, various experts are claiming that my employer can force me to get the jab as a condition of employment. And if the initial claims about efficacy were correct, then why worry about the unvaccinated? The vaccinated should not need protection from the unvaccinated. We have been repeatedly assured by the experts that the vaccinated are safe and effective, yet here we are back to square one.  Give me a break. While there is some initial short term reduction of infectivity, in the long term the vaccinated are just as contagious as the unvaccinated and the vaccines are causing variants and ADE. We are all in this together. Wake up America. 

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