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May 15 2012. Maybe today we will start on the elephant in the room that has been ignored by his health care providers for years, neuroborreliosis (Lyme disease) and C. pneumonia.

Chris and I gave Dr Z the rundown on the interventions he had suggested. Chris has sequentially taken each. The Byron White formula for Babesia had no effect. Same with the Bartonella formula. The Amatadine 100 mg twice a day was associated with poor sleep for a few days and may have been associated with his post Odyssey House hypomania. We told him about the additional Depakote and that I was giving Chris carnitine again. He agreed with that.

I told Dr Z that while Borna Disease virus is linked to depression the connection with mania is not so clear and the literature contains case histories of patients becoming manic on the antiviral medication. He admitted that most of his experience had been with bipolar II patients and that some had responded very well to the treatment. Given that Amantadine is an NMDA antagonist it is logical that it could cause mania or psychosis. (This is explained in detail in Beyond Mental Illness that will be published later this year.) Dr Z agreed that there was no benefit to continue down these paths.

Then he suggested Chris take amino acids to replenish neurotransmitters. He said there is some good research on a particular brand of amino acids he uses. He said there are deficits of neurotransmitters from the drugs and the infections. I told him it appears to me we were working around the edges with reverse T-3, DHA and carnitine, that it seemed like we were avoiding the central issue, the neuroborreliosis and C. Pneumonia.

He agreed to start Chris on antibiotics beginning with Zithromax, (Azithromycin ) followed by Omnicef to be followed by pulsing of Tindamax two weeks on and two weeks off. Unlike Chris’s treatment with IV Rocephin in 2001, this combination of antibiotics has been found to kill different forms of Borrelia burgdorferi. He also recommended Chris take the Byron White formula. Said it facilitate movement of the microbes out of cells. He recommended a product called Beyond Balance to help him detoxify dead spirochetes and cysts. He said that this would be a long term proposition.

I asked him the proverbial question. Can we hope to cure the Lyme or just mitigate its effects? He said doc’s are divided 50/50 on this question. With the new test Chris took they will be able to demonstrate if the organism is no longer there.

I discussed the possibility of antibiomania that I wrote about in my first book and also in an article published August 2007 in “Public Health Alert.” The article discusses how EMPowerplus patients used to regress following oral antibiotics due to damage to beneficial bacteria in the gut. Probiotics and extra EMPowerplus prevented that from happening. Dr Z agreed that Chris should take probiotics. Some LLMD’s are so focused on the Herx they may miss the possibility of antibiomania.


  1. Thanks for mentioning EMPowerplus. I hope you find a solution soon.

  2. Six months….just keep at it for six more months….Bartonella is a tough one and I see the grandiosity hypomania with it….Biggest problems seems to be finding work…that they can keep up….consistency is the toughest problem with work since they have an unpredictable cycle of energy.
    Wish you would consult with Dr. Daniel Cameron in NY about it, he’s founder of….and the best Lyme doctor I know for antibiotic regimen….and I work a lot with it…you are on the right track however…how about colonics to clean out his gut and scrub the old drugs out that are plaqued up in his gut? be interesting to do a before and after bloodwork on what you find….Lots of minerals and EmpowerPlus seems OK for this. Easy on B6. I’m not thrilled with carnitine….I had a famous dowser come in and check out her protocol for her Lyme…since everyone is so different, finding a good dowser to check all his supplements and meds might help. His body field can tell you a lot more than some research can….Aha! best wishes and still praying for you,

  3. Hi Mr. Moyer, how’re you doing? Long time no talk. 🙂 Just read your blog, hope you get some answers soon. When does your new book hit the shelves?

  4. Check out Stephen Buhner, herbalist. He has a herbal protocol which healed me. I had chronic lyme , I don’t know for how long. Not saying it will work for everyone, but anyone who has Lyme should check it out. (book, website, facebook).

  5. Curious what detox formula you used from Beyond Balance. They have several.
    Please advise.

    • Laurie,

      We did not do a detox regimen. I discuss several of them in “10 ways to Keep yourBrain from Screaming ‘Ouch!'”

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