Robin Williams dies…of what? Reprise

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We already know that Robin Williams was surgically treated for a heart problem, that he had what mainstream medicine calls a depressive disorder. Today we learn from his wife that he also had Parkinson’s disease. As I write in Beyond Mental Illness, the immune system can be pathologically activated to contribute to depression not only from infections but also from stress. Lyme disease is one of the infections that has been linked to depression, Parkinson’s and heart disease, not to mention MS and ALS. This is not to suggest that Williams had Lyme disease, but it is to suggest that the current stove-piped diagnoses so prevalent in medicine and, especially...

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Robin Williams dies…of what?

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How sad to lose such a talented comic before his time. Mrs Doubtfire is a favorite of many. My favorite is the simple and charming cult classic, Popeye. As I watched the expert talking heads on TV discussing his dual diagnosis, I feel compelled to throw in my two cents so here it is. Conventional Wisdom says two psychiatric diseases, a depressive disorder and an addictive disorder contributed to his death. His depression may have worsened due to heart surgery. In Beyond Mental Illness I argue that oxidative stress plays a role in both depression and heart disease. Depression doesn’t cause heart problems. Depression and heart problems can be a result of, among...

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Amy Tan and Dr Ray Stricker on Lyme

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Dr Stricker and Amy Tan discuss Lyme disease.

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Still here

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Sorry I have not been updating as regularly as I had hoped. Been working on finishing the two books. Publication is now set for early 2014. The 2014 Physicians Round Table conference will be in Tampa Florida Mar 13-16. I will be speaking on Borrelia borgdorferi, See 2014 flyer.

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What if…

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What if the media stopped describing those who kill innocent school children, movie goers, college students and marathon spectators as evil, mad, insane, fanatical or mentally ill? What if the media, on cue from physicians and scientists, described biologically meaningful conditions that, had they been identified earlier, would have been treatable? Here are some to be ruled out in the Newtown shooter. 1. Undiagnosed neuro Lyme disease (and coinfections). Lyme and coinfections are implicated in numerous psychiatric disorders, including violent psychosis. 2. High copper levels in the brain. High copper distinguishes some criminally psychotic from non criminally psychotic...

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Free preview, Chapter 5 “Perilous Symbioses” from Beyond Mental Illness

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You can find the PDF file at

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