Dear President -Elect Trump

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For those of you following this now occasional blog, note that the emphasis is changing from the small picture (my son) to the big picture, those institutional memes that prevent him and others from being treated for their diagnosable illnesses. For those wanting to know more about this I refer you to two books, both entitled “Beyond Mental Illness.” One, by academics, discusses the path of the typical “mental” patient from denial to regression to hospitalization and finally to acceptance that they have truly have a “mental illness.” The other, by me, advocates a path that is currently not taken or supported by most mental health care professionals. It recommends individualized assessment and treatment of the underlying physical disorders, many of which are now known, but routinely ignored by health care providers. One issue discussed in my books is the role of vaccines. Maybe, just maybe Present=Elect Trump will do something about that.

I wrote this article that was published in The Union Today.

OK, this is a bit or maybe quite a bit presumptuous, but, Mr. Trump, you did say you don’t owe anybody anything and are therefore better able to represent the interests of “We the People.” You did remove lobbyists from your transition team. So, here are some items, from one of “We the People.” you might want to consider as you “drain the swamp”:
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