Heart Failure From MRNA Jabs “Will Kill Most People”?

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In a July 6 interview, 2021, Dr Charles Hoffe, a family doctor from a small rural town in British Colombia Canada, stated that mRNA vaccines are plugging up thousands of tiny capillaries in those who took the ‘vaccine.’ He said, “Most will die in a few short years from heart failure.”

OK, he got my attention.

Initial reactions? He is working for some right wing organization. He is delusional. He is reporting a truth. While I do hope his prediction is overstated, I think I should listen and evaluate what he has to say.  For a hint, I already checked a fact checker who denied his claims. However, the “checker” mistakenly equated strokes that show up on brain scan with microscopic mini-strokes that do not.  More to come.

He says mRNA jabs such as the Moderna shot, push 40 trillion molecules of mRNA packets into the deltoid muscle in the shoulder. The developers of the vaccines designed the capsules so that they would stay in the deltoid muscle where they would provoke antibodies against the spike protein. They made a mistake (my editorial comment from other sources). Now we know that only 25% remain. The other 75%, 30 trillion, go to the lymphatic system from which they go into the circulatory system where they attach to the vascular endothelium in specific organs.   (Supplemental information on the vascular endothelium adapted from one of my books is available at the end of this post.) There they grow spike proteins to which the body mounts a defensive response.  In the capillaries, blood platelets attack the spikes, causing inflammation and mini-strokes. When those events damage heart and brain tissue, the killed cells do not regenerate.

He used a lab test, the D-dimer, to diagnose strokes within 4-7 days of occurrence in a limited number of his patients who had been vaccinated.  More than half, 62% of a small group, showed evidence of these mini-strokes based on this test. With each jab, the effects cumulate. He says other researchers have found similar D-dimer findings, but do not consider it relevant because they do not identify clinical symptoms. However, Hoffe claims some of his patients do have symptoms such as Reduced Effort Tolerance (RET). They are out of breath more easily than before the vaccine. Because lung function is impaired by these mini-strokes caused by small clots, the heart has to work harder to oxygenate the body and get the blood through the lungs. This causes pulmonary hypertension and can, in time, lead to a major stroke

The link between vaccines and major strokes is well established. Major strokes from Covid-19 are more common, though still rare. Covid-19 causes more major strokes than vaccines, about 10 fold more. Hoffe’s is not talking about these strokes. He is focusing on the undetectable mini-strokes that he claims occur, not rarely, but in 62% of patients he tested after they were vaccinated. He describes his findings  on a zoom call with other doctors. He also describes the process in this animated video.

Here is an interview with German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit BhakdiB confirming the risk of stroke from the vaccines. Dr. Peter McCullough also confirms that the spike protein causes, among other things, strokes. (Start at 7 minutes)

Robert Kennedy, founder of Children’s Health Defense,  asked Dr Hoffe why he had faced so much opposition. Hoffe replied, “COVID-19 has led to the loss of three senses, sense of taste, sense of smell and common sense.  He believes media inspired fear has prevented people from reasonable discussion.   

My assessment:

If his statement, “mRNA jabs will kill most people” was designed to get attention it worked for me. The current Covid-19 zeitgeist, if it continues to be manifest in millions of new jabs, will give us lots of data to find out how accurate or inaccurate his prediction becomes, that is, assuming the data and Dr Hoffe are not censored or canceled.

For information on other real fact-check professionals go to https://factcheckvaccine.com/podcast-subscriptions/

Think about it.

The Vascular Endothelium

Adapted from Chapter 14 in Beyond Mental Illness

Vascular endothelial cells one-layer deep line the surface of 100,000 miles of blood vessels throughout an adult body. If all the cells were placed on a horizontal plane one cell deep, they would cover six tennis courts. So, the vascular endothelium, not generally thought of as an organ, is actually the largest organ in the body. It controls blood pressure by expanding or constricting all blood vessels to regulate the flow of blood throughout the body. Here are some factors that affect it.

1. The amino acid L arginine facilitates the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), which facilitates circulation by increasing the diameter of blood vessels (the Viagra effect).

2. Another amino acid, called asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA), blocks the effects of L arginine, thereby lowering NO. Triglycerides, blood sugar, homocysteine and tobacco use all positively correlate with ADMA. Infections generate ADMA in endothelial cells. According to Stanford cardiologist Dr John Cooke, “ADMA is the common pathway through which all risk factors exert their adverse effect on the vessel wall.” Blood levels of ADMA actually predict endothelial dysfunction more accurately than cholesterol levels. The end result is limited blood flow, low NO, atherosclerosis and hardening of the arteries.

3. An enzyme called dimethyl arginine dimethylaminohydroxylase (DDAH) breaks down the ADMA. However, oxidative stress compromises the ability of DDAH to do this. When oxidative stress is reduced, as, for example, following supplementation with antioxidants or successful treatment of infections, DDAH activity is restored, ADMA is reduced, and, all other things being equal, the endothelium facilitates robust blood flow to the brain and heart. The following table illustrates.

L Arginine raises NO.Vessels expand.
Triglycerides, blood sugar, homocysteine, tobacco use and infections contribute to ADMA.ADMA blocks L arginine effects. Vessels constrict.
DDAH breaks down ADMAVessels expand.
Oxidative stress breaks down DDAH.Vessels constrict.
ADMA contributors are avoided. Infections are cleared; antioxidants are given. DDAH is restored.Vessels expand.

Table 1 Factors Affecting Vascular Endothelium

When the blood flows through the “scratched tapestry” (Dr BhakdiB’s words) of constricted capillaries in the vascular endothelium inhabited by spikes from either COVID-19 or vaccines, platelets go to work trying to remove the blockages. This leads to clotting and damage to organs. It is one way for rare major strokes and more common mini-strokes to occur.

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