How NOT to Kill Terrorists and COVID Viruses

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Terrorists and Covid have been in the public consciousness the last few days. Let’s evaluate our attempts not to kill them.

Afghanistan and Iraq are highly complex, but also share some simple patterns.  Combined forces fight the terrorists. Soldiers, terrorists, civilians, taxpayers all pay a high price in blood and treasure. When the threat appears to diminish, the costs of defense are deemed too high and the troops withdraw. Then the threat increases and the troops surge again.

After various “successes” in Iraq, Al Qaeda was considered decimated.  Both Bush and Obama prematurely declared victory and cut back on troop levels.  However, a variant of al Qaeda called ISIS emerged, only to create the Caliphate and spread terror across the region.  President Trump launched all out war on them and they were destroyed in Iraq. Even today a residual force remains to provide defense.

Afghanistan also had its share of troop surges and withdrawals. The Taliban, when faced with huge losses on the battlefield, switched to a strategy of IEDs and suicide bombings. Trump and Biden set the stage to end our involvement, but neither enforced the preconditions the Taliban had agreed to.  Biden timed the withdrawal to coincide with the 20 year “victory” against those who flew into the Twin Towers. But it was to be a pyrrhic victory.   While evacuating these troops and civilians, a relatively unknown variant known as ISIS K made itself known by bombing the evacuation area killing both American and Afghan citizens.  What does this have to do with Covid-19? 

The virus is the enemy.  The vaccines are the main defense. The initial surge of the COVID-19 vaccines appeared to lower the severity of infections and presumably the infectivity of the virus itself.  People thought the worst was over. Then we learned, as more and more institutions made vaccinations mandatory, that the efficacy of the vaccines was quickly diminishing and that paradoxically, the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated were becoming the super spreaders. As stated in a previous blog, in one study vaccinated nurses who developed Covid had 251 times the amount of virus in their bodies as the unvaccinated peers from a year earlier who had also been infected.

As Dr McCullough explains, none of the vaccines are sterilizing vaccines. They don’t kill the infection. Like most of our ill-fated military campaigns that blunt the terror forces, they don’t destroy the enemy. Similarly, the vaccines narrowly direct antibodies to the spike protein to the exclusion of many other parts of the virus.  But in a natural infection, our bodies direct all their defensive resources to all parts of the virus so they do not replicate. After recovery, when you are exposed again, you likely will not get sick again.  Our natural defenses clear out the virus.  A 700,000 person study out of Israel confirms this. The vaccinated Covid-free had a 13 times risk of getting Covid-19 compared to the unvaccinated who had fully recovered.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bouria, on August 26, claimed that his company had a strategy to successfully respond to COVID-resistant strains. “Every time a variant appears in the world, our scientists are getting their hands around it,” He failed to report on the Delta variant which is already evading their vaccines. Boosters have come to Israel, the first country to widely employee his vaccine. They will soon be coming to a vaccine clinic near you.  Another study in Israel showed declining efficacy. The vaccine was 79% effective for those completely vaccinated in April, 44% for February and 16% for January. The last two data points are less than the 50% required for approval of an emergency use authorization (EUA). The company has not yet reported on variants that can escape the vaccine, ignoring studies by the CDC which show compromised immunity against the Delta variant.  As explained in another post, vaccines promote the variants.

Like al Qaeda, which, after being bombed by the Air Force, switched strategies to live another day, the virus, improves its chances of survival by shapeshifting itself into a mutant that can hide in place in the body of the vaccinated.  This is a fairly common strategy of pathogens.

The on again/off again strategy weakens, but does not obliterate terrorists or viruses. Attacks against pieces of the terror network are not the same as attacks that destroy the network, but they give the illusion of success and are less costly in the short run. The vaccines do not kill the virus. They give the illusion of success, and, if you exclude the vaccine deaths, may be less costly in the short run. But in the long run, any efforts to immunize the body politic and our bodies by allowing terrorists and the viruses to escape is a recipe for disaster.

The revenge drone attack in Kabul that was supposed to have killed two terrorists planning to bomb the airport might have illustrated the above point, had it hit the right target. But the killing of innocent children and their father is even more telling. To fight a war one needs to know who the enemy is so one can avoid hitting the wrong targets. I fear that our current fear-based psychosis is causing us to make the same mistake, to target the “enemy,” the unvaccinated while forcing non sterilizing vaccines on a fearful, willing and purposely uninformed public. These vaccines will enable the viruses to hide away in our bodies, just as the terrorists hid in caves, until they are ready to attack again.

By the way, since July, prescriptions for Ivermectin, a product that actually targets and kills the enemy, were up 2200% from pre Covid times. The CDC is warning us it is not FDA approved.  I wonder what the increasing numbers of better informed people are learning that FDA chooses not to learn.

Continuing this terrorist/Covid line of thinking, wouldn’t it be better to block the enemy at the ACE2 receptor door with Ivermectin, and then, if he gets through, mount a take no prisoners all out assault. Here are some initial weapons that probably your doctor, and almost certainly certainly your government have not told you about. As recommended by Front Line Covid Critical Alliance these include  Ivermectin, quertecin, mouthwash, vitamin D, vitamin C, Fluvoxamine, melatonin, zinc, aspirin, melatonin, duasteride, sironolactone (Dual anti androgen therapy) They just added the anti androgen therapy for men and women with high androgen levels. Hair loss secondary to high androgen may indicate that anti androgen therapy could be helpful.

In spite of a coordinated media assault against FLCCC and their use of Ivermectin, the evidence of effectiveness is overwhelming.

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