Everywhere the fear is real,

Our friends, if sick, they must reveal,

That they have been with COVID struck,

Or we may soon be out of luck.

There is no respite from this scourge,

That did from Wuhan lab emerge,

Part paid for by our Uncle Sam,

Through Fauci, that was quite the scam.

We paid the lab so they could make,

New viruses for heaven’s sake,

With gain of function to ensure,

That that they could spread and long endure.

Unless we mask so we can’t breathe,

Unless we stay away, please leave,

Unless we get the latest shot,

To stop us getting sick t’will not.

What! You did not get the shot,

We fear you may not care a lot,

About your family friends and spouse,

You really are a thoughtless louse.

So yes, too many millions died

Our doctors went away to hide,

“No repurposed drugs allowed,”

Since FDA has disallowed

Their use. “Don’t take a horses’ pill,

Or else you could get very ill.”

Uttar Pradesh proved them all wrong,

The evidence was very strong.

But “trusted news“ had been bought out,

They could not give these drugs a shout,

Saving lives was not their goal,

They serve elites who have no soul.

Group think was strong it ruled the day,

And people were not free to say,

The truth without a hefty price,

So most stayed silent like church mice.

According to a Zogby poll.

The jabs exacted quite a toll,

And after folks did get the shot,

Fourteen percent wished that they had not,

Fifteen percent of all the jabbed,

Got maladies they’d never had,

From strokes to heart attacks to clots,

What killed the most, COVID or shots?

Yes, jabbing didn’t do the trick,

In fact they made us much more sick,

The reasons? Too hard to explain,

Original  sin is part to blame.

(As in original antigenic sin)

So now more COVID vax we get,

The more our chance of getting hit,

With COVID, other bugs how lame,

Our Immune system’s not the same.

Now Toni says jabs do less well,

Stopping infection. What the hell?

He promised they would do the trick.

He promised we would not get sick.

Does “less well” mean they do not work?

“You must get them, here is one perk,

You get to keep your job for days,

And go to restaurants and plays.

Until we tell you can’t go,

Because we simply said it’s so.

A couple chose to be on guard,

They did their vows in their back yard,

Away from mists that hang in air,

Inside four walls would not be fair.

They chose to invite one and all,

Except for one condition small,

We promise to agree before,

That COVID talk was nevermore.

Back then we didn’t know enough,

We feared the worse, yea it was tough,

In spite of their nefarious aims,

God did evolve some lesser strains.

Natural immunity

May be the key to set us free

Much longer than the Pfizer shots,

That sit unused in different lots.

It seems those lots aren’t quite the same,

Some are deadly, some are tame.

Big Pharm made sure the FDA,

Could not QC, could not QA.

Now most have had it not so bad,

God evolved it. Be ye glad,

Easy to get, the truth be told,

For most it’s now a common cold.

God said “No hubris! oh ye proud!

Stop playing God, it’s not allowed,

If you keep doing what you do,

You’ll spread despair the whole world through.”

A virus waits, it could infect,

It’s not airborne, at least not YET,

If Nipah virus took to air

Then that would be a grievous error

We’d feel the pain, the abject horror,

That would descend the world o’er,

80% mortality,

The world we know would cease to be.

If you don’t stop this research fast,

If you keep making germs that last.

Then we’ll just have to sit and wait,

While you get to decide our fate.

Gain of function has to stop,

There is no gain, just pain, a lot,

No more funding to maintain,

A policy that is insane.

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