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After Chris left the halfway house called Odyssey House following his hospitalization, he began getting manic again. He had been taking his medicines but not the EMPowerplus which he had taken while at Odyssey House. The Amantadine may also have been a factor. We saw his psychiatrist whom we will call Dr P along with his case manager on 3 May. They expressed surprise that in spite of taking his medications he was still hypomanic. I suggested that he take the supplements before trying more medications, pointing out that excessive free radicals are associated with manic episodes, suggesting antioxidants for his excessive oxidative stress. Dr P said free radicals only affect genes in the long term and his antioxidant status was not of immediate concern. (The literature, as reported in my book clearly demonstrates that measures of oxidative stress provide a treatable biomarker for what I call Burning Man Disorder.) I mentioned the research on Truehope and opined that one of the reasons for its effectiveness was probably the antioxidants. I told him there were numerous articles in peer reviewed journals attesting as to the increased oxidative stress in bio behavioral syndromes and the effectiveness of EMPowerplus in treating it.

Dr P asked me if there was any research on Truehope showing changes on the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS) and the Hamilton Depression Scale (HAM-D). I felt a challenge, not an inquiry. Didn’t feel up to trying to convince Dr P and I had to admit that the supplements had not been able to stop his psychotic episodes though they had facilitated the effects of the antipsychotic medications. Dr P said that following my suggestion would be against medical advice.

Should have spoken up but didn’t. I do better researching and writing rather than debating psychiatrists. Never have been good at it. Maybe I feel defeated even before I begin. Actually the research has demonstrated up to an 80% effect size for the YRMS and the HAM-D. I may be over generalizing, but many psychiatrists are used to being in a power position. They may tolerate, but rarely are open to input from the patient and family members. It is difficult to see a reality if you don’t believe a reality exists. Beyond that there are probably institutional factors which assure a continued blind eye to the use of nutrients. Also I didn’t want to session to degenerate into a debate since the appointment was for Chris.

So anyway, Dr P put Chris on 1000 mg Depakote along with the 5 mg Haldol and the 400 mg Seroquel plus a few others. The drugs knocked Chris and his mania in the teeth. Every morning he spoke with slurred speech and slept until around noon. Chris’ patience and resignation amazes me.

What I have to say next is not politically correct. However, I believe that eventually today’s standard of care for “mentally” ill patients will be tomorrow’s malpractice. More effective individualized therapies will replace drugs that impair mitochondrial functioning, cause heart anomalies, literally shrink brains and fail to address chronic infections. I consider drugs not as the solution, but as a necessary evil until the relevant biological factors are treated.

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