Pioneering test proves existence of chronic Lyme disease.

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On January 25, 2012, I received word that Chris definitely has Lyme disease. The results from the new test for Borrelia burgdorferi by Advanced Laboratory Services came back positive. No more equivocating! The test grew live spirochetes from my son’s blood. After six days there was some Immuno staining suggestive of Borrelia burgdorferi, but the scientists could not find a spirochete and thus did not make a positive diagnosis. After two months the spirochetes were observed and confirmed by PCR.
The epidemiological data is supported by the biological data. We already know about the six fold increased risk of psychosis with C. pneumonia. We already know about the almost two fold increased risk of major psychiatric illnesses with Lyme disease. We already know that, in genetically vulnerable people, complex pathways initiated by these and other infections cause obsessions, depression, psychosis, even Tourette’s syndrome. (Maybe someone should offer this test to the 15 girls at LeRoy High School in New York State to rule out Lyme disease. Psychiatrists have declared that their symptoms are hysterical conversion disorders.)

Skeptics could always discount the positive Western Blots, since a lab test alone cannot prove present infection. One psychiatrist told me that psychiatric medications cause positive bands on the Western Blot. They cannot discount this test, but they will continue to argue that Lyme disease and bipolar disorder are two separate disorders, that C. pneumonia and bipolar disorder are two separate disorders, that Lyme disease, C. pneumona with other infections and MS/ALS/bipolar/ schizophrenia/ autism disorders are distinct and separate disorders. They are wrong, not always but much of the time. How much we just don’t yet know.

Why does a mother who read my first book that linked Lyme with what I then called bipolar disorder email me ten years later to tell me that after four years of IV Rocephin for her “bipolar” son he had no further manic episodes? Why has Chris had at least 20 psychotic episodes during the same time? He stopped his antibiotic treatment and bought into a world view perpetuated by his psychiatrists. They and the courts convinced him he had a mental disorder called bipolar disorder. Now you know why my twitter name is dave@beyondpsych and the name of my pending book is Beyond Mental Illness.

At the local level, Chris has received the standard of care for repeated psychotic episodes. That standard of care is malpractice because known contributing physical disorders have not been treated by his psychiatrists. Chris does not have bipolar disorder. He has bipolar syndrome secondary to, among other things, chronic infections with Borrelia burgdorferi and C. Pneumonia, or, to be more precise, Infection Mediated Neuro/Immmune Disorder manifesting as bipolar syndrome. The current standard of care for my son and thousands like him is malpractice. The implications are enormous. That’s all.


  1. When my dad is in manic phase, he starts taknlig about buying 3 acres of wooded land near me because the trees are rare and he can sell them to a logger for a million dollars. Other times, he tells me he is moving to a mansion in Tahiti, and there’s a guess house out back so me and hubby and kids can come visit. He seems to actually think he has the money to do these things. When he’s in a depressive phase, he realizes that he lives in a shack on the beach, and other than his cell phone bill he has no bills, but never knows where his disability check went. It’s sad really.

  2. It is not the doctors fault that they don’t see the connection.
    The problem is the medical system created the way it is since aprox. 70 years ago. Also psychiatrists have one of the highest suicidal rate and you expect them to treat you? Are you kidding me? There’s no psychiatrist on this planet that is capable of eradicating any mental health disorders using the conventional way. In the future it will be called the criminal way.
    The connection of these disorders(neurological, psychosis etc) with infections like Lyme is simple but very complex. Lyme, Borna virus, parasites(microscopic as well) and many other coinfections will create a
    depletion of essential nutrients(Ca, Mg, Se, B witamins etc) that are suppose to feed your body(organs, glands, bones, nerves, skin etc).
    What happens is the fact that instead of metabolism you have to deal with catabolism.
    We’ll see a demineralization of bones, low energy, poor concentration, neurological symptoms in the begining and then more complex problems to deal with like M Sclerosis, Bipolar etc.
    Don’t treat the SYMPTOMS. Go find the cause, eliminate infections, pump nutrients, change PH, drink plenty of water, have a good life style and
    your body will reach its maximum potential you’ve never dreamed of.
    Every disease is reversible.
    Medicine these days is meant to improve not to treat or eradicate the underlying cause or causes of your disease. Why? Well,…, for the well-being of pharmaceutical companies.
    Look into bioresonance(diagnostic and treatment), method already used in many countries except here in North America. We gotta be kept misinformed, sick and debilitated so we spend every dime in our pockets.

    Sorry but I came over your Blog and couldn’t resist. It is disgusting what happens in the medical field.

    Good Luck to everybody

    Good luck

  3. My son has had psychosis for two years. Anxiety, depression, one suocide attempt, mania off medication and often destroying property. Sudden rages off medication.
    Since one doctor diagnosed him with possible Lyme two years ago – and four psychiatrists later – we finally got him an LLMD who ran CD 57 and found it at 45. We wait for Advanced Lab results – which were negative after 4 weeks but will see in next month.
    We are now back home in Brasilia and here we still have no doctor knowledgable in this infection. ( we ran out of funds in USA) – and once again we see only a psychiatrist who suggest schizofrenofim ? Or schizoaffective disorder and ignore the CD 57. It is unbelievable.
    We will try and get the advanced lab result and hopefully it will prove to them here that he has Lyme and likely mycoplasma ( he tested + on IGG) – etc and keep trying to get the medical community to treat him with the correct medicine rather than keep treating him with psychotropics that don’t work very well for him over time.
    It is so infuriating the stigma in the medical community when someone has psychiatric symptoms they discount any medical cause and ignore all other symptoms.
    Unfortunately I do not have the support of family either as they don’t understand this disease and just buy what ignorant doctors are saying.
    Anyway I am really appreciative of your site and will offer any help – also to document our struggle so that itger kids like my son do not have to suffer years of mistreatment and misery.

    • Angela,
      So sorry to hear about your son and your difficulties with getting him treated. You are at the point we were 15 years ago when our son was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. Still hard to find physicians who are open to new ways of understanding. I now consider some psychiatric illnesses to be a result of not one, but multiple infections (c. Pneumonia, P. gingivalis, bartonella, Lyme disease in those with an impaired immune response. Good luck with your son.

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