The Straw Man at Work: Paxlovid vs Ivermectin

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Fact checkers from the so-called “trusted news initiative” such as Reuters are doing the usual straw man strategy, this time regarding Pfizer’s new COVID-19 anti viral drug, Paxlovid.*The claim? The anti-vax crowd is spreading lies that the Pfizer product is the same as ivermectin. One of the more infamous astroturfing “fact checkers,” David Gorski, weighs in by denying the very similar actions of both drugs. However, both products do have similar mechanisms of action, ivermectin’s action being superior. One is patented and very expensive, $700 for a five day course of treatment and one is off patent and very cheap, less than $40 dollars for a five day treatment.

This video by Dr John Campbell points out that even though both ivermectin and Paxlovid have different chemical structures, both perform the same function on the enzymes that cut viral protein chains into smaller lengths so they can infect cells. These are called 3CL proteases and they come with the virus, not from the pancreas which breaks down food so the body can use it. Both antiviral drugs inhibit the proteases from clipping the viral proteins. Campbell illustrates the effect by wrapping tape around some scissors. The scissors represent the 3CL proteas enzyme. The tape represents the proteas inhibitor. When the tape keeps the scissors from opening. they can’t clip viral protein so they fit into human cells. What is most interesting about Paxlovid is that it only inhibits the spike protein from being clipped, while ivermectin inhibits other parts of the virus from being clipped.

As the vaccines continue to cause more deaths, and fail to stop the viral spread, I suspect the market will move to Paxlovid. However, like the current crop of vaccines, which facilitated the evolution of Delta and other variants, experts say the Pfizer product may promote further evolution of the virus.

If you don’t think you have the time to watch Dr Campbell’s 20 minutes talk, remember his last statement to the medical leaders of the world. “Come on now. You are not a horse. You are not a cow. You have human intellect. Let’s use it to follow the scientific evidence to save humanity from pain, suffering and death.”

* In Latin, Pax=peace, lo=”Look”, ovid=all things covid? or “Look, this is just what we have been waiting for, something that will give us peace about COVID.” Some of us have already found that peace in ivermectin.

Update. “As the vaccines continue to cause more deaths…” A number of substackers have challenged Berensons’ suggestion that there is a vaccine related link between excessive all-cause mortality in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated, saying this is more a function of older vaccinated people dying at higher rates than younger unvaccinated people. One writer calls this Simpson’s paradox. However, FDA data from the original Pfizer trial, you know, that one that justified EUA status, found a 24% increase in all cause-deaths from those receiving the jab. . Berenson may have incorrectly made his conclusions based on the data from England, but his instincts are correct.

One of the things about Substack I like is the ability of folks to present and challenge each other, with, usually little to no conflicts of interest. Will try to address this issue in future posts.


  1. “less than $40 dollars for a five day treatment.” WHERE can you get Ivermectin for $40.? I would like to get it from there.

    • I get mine from in India. Got 100 12 mg for about $120.

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