Hope Springs Eternal for Covid-19, Not for Us

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Last week as I was watching PBS news, I was hoping, but not expecting, to learn something true about the pandemic. After all, PBS had a reputation of being nonpolitical. As I was hearing the same repeated story (stay apart, get your vaccines) etc, I was surprised to see what looked like some real news.

A respectable gray haired academic from some prestigious university was being interviewed about Covid-19 when the subject of Vermont came up. The guest said that Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the US and also the highest number of COVID-19 cases. Maybe, this “trusted news” source was going to allow truthful reporting. After all, one of their top reporters, Lisa Shaw, had died in May of this year from vaccine induced blood clots shortly after getting the AstraZeneca jab.

Previous posts on this site pointed out the paradoxical increases in cases in the states and counties with the highest vaccine rates, irrespective of short term symptom reduction. Examples include Vermont, United Kingdom, Israel as well as other jurisdictions. A contrary example is Uttar Pradesh where low vaccine rates and prevention kits dramatically reduced cases.

Now, on NPR of all places, they were going to discuss the fact that the vaccines are associated with increases in infections. My breath quickened, as I eagerly awaited what was to come next. Then the expert guest explained why more vaccines in Vermont are associated with more cases.

“It is because of the unvaccinated.” The interviewer hardly batted an eye and continued the interview.

Of course, the unvaccinated! They are responsible! Salem Witch Trials, here we come.

I wrote in an earlier post that we are under the spell of a fear-based mass psychosis where logic is thrown out the window. Surely that interview reflects this reality. Guess the interviewer didn’t think to ask if the vaccines were so effective, shouldn’t you expect a lower rate of viral spread in the most highly vaccinated states and countries.

Once you challenge this simple incorrect foundational assumption, that the vaccines reduce infections, the entire Covid-19 and Company structure collapses. If vaccines do not reduce infections, why should everyone be required to take them? If the vaccinated and unvaccinated both spread the infection equally, why discriminate against the unvaccinated? If the jabs increase by almost 2.5 times, the risk of acute cardiac syndromes in five years, what is the advantage of giving them to the public? If cardiac myopathy occurs in one of 7,000 healthy young males after the second jab, why should anyone take that risk? If early intervention with existing drugs is effective, why have a vaccine program at all? And how is it that there is an increase in cardiac illnesses attributed to the “stress” of COVID-19 anxiety in the United Kingdom, another country with very high vaccination rates.

When are the leaders of this country going to stand up and tell the truth? The billionaires in silicon valley and big Pharma have effectively achieved a coup d’etat transforming what was once our democracy into a country dominated by their special interests. Now 80 Republicans support developing a database to track our vaccine status. And what is to prevent that database from evolving into a social credit system like the one in China where people can lose what we consider their constitutional rights?

The Medical Industrial Complex has bought many Republicans and even Fox News. The last time my breath quickened watching the news was in response to a very brave and true COVID-19 expose’ by Tucker Carlson with a promise of more to come throughout that week. One of his guests actually discussed the Uttar Pradesh miracle. I waited for it but it never came. No major media star, let alone politician has dared admit that the vaccines are harmful, ineffective, and not as useful as early treatment.

These politicians and the media all know who butters their bread.

Who will admit that those who orchestrated this pandemic and its response have committed and are committing crimes against humanity. During WW II the Germans killed millions. How many have died from the duplicitous efforts by Fauchi and his minions to prevent effective treatments?

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