The whole truth, and nothing but the “psychiatric” truth

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Now that the books are finally out the door, it is time to give a progress report.
While taking the antibiotics, supplements and antibiotics, Chris had a 19 month run of good health during which time he held a job, not a small accomplishment, given his previous history of multiple episodes. He had been doing so well that his psychiatrist slowly took him off the Haldol while continuing with Depakote and Seroquel. She recommended that he stop taking the antibiotics. I argued that until we knew that the infections were gone, I thought he should stay on them. Chris maintained his compliance with his psychiatrists treatment program, but did not take his antibiotics, probiotics and supplements regularly, in spite of my reminding him.
In August, 2013, he had an episode. After that, he completely stopped taking the antibiotics, as recommended by his psychiatrist and he also stopped taking the Daily Essential Nutrients (latest version of EMPowerplus) supplements. His psychiatrist told him that the antibiotics may have caused him to become manic again. I believed that was a possibility as antibiomania, discussed in my first book, can be a consequence of antibiotic treatment, but I also believed the antibiotics could have contributed to the longest episode-free period since 1999. His inpatient psychiatrist also told Chris, his wife and me that he had not been taking his medications and that his wife was unable to assure that he did. In fact, he had been taking his psychiatric drugs as prescribed. But the official “company” line was that he couldn’t possibly have been taking his medications. After all he had an episode. I admitted to the possibility of antibiomania, but reiterated that he had been taking his psych drugs. I agreed that he had not been taking the antibiotics, probiotics or nutraceuticals. I decided to go along with their plan and stopped the additional protocols.
The inpatient psychiatrist also said that he didn’t have Lyme disease and had never tested positive for Lyme disease. I guess she knew more than Chris, Dr Z, Dr Burrascano and me. The arrogance was unbelievable—well, maybe not so much given previous experiences with some health care providers. The psychiatrist wanted the truth, the whole truth, the “psychiatric” truth.
One puzzling lab report during that stay was that he tested positive for metabolites of antidepressant medications. At first I thought that he had been given antidepressants in error, but later I learned that Seroquel breaks down into those metabolites. The psychiatrist insisted that Seroquel had no effect on his episode.
From September on, he only took Haldol, Seroquel and Depakote at higher doses than he had before. In late November, while again faithfully taking his antipsychotic medications, he was back in the hospital again. This time he was fired from his job while in the hospital. I am not a lawyer, but that seemed to be to be violation of the Americans for Disabilities Act.
Chris says he is angry with himself as if he is personally responsible for what happened. He did what the doctor ordered and still had setbacks. He and all those with similar stories need to be angry at a system that refuses to assess and treat underlying biomedical disorders.

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