We all saw it on TV. In the early days of the Wuhan virus, people would suddenly collapse. Did they faint or die? Both. Today we are still seeing this behavior. A woman tries to catch her balance while collapsing then falls off the platform into an oncoming subway train. A 17 year old boy gets his COVID jab and dies suddenly while singing two days later. A soccer player keels over dead or with severe heart damage. A 14 year old is  hospitalized with acute myocarditis one day after getting his first COVID_19 JAB. His mother had tweeted, “My 14 year old got his first COVID-19 shot today. We are so thankful.” He survived his vaccine-induced myocarditis, but is now very limited in what he can do. A 13 year old boy dies two days after getting his second covid shot.  A 10-year-old dies of cardiac arrest seven days after getting the Moderna shot for a disease that is not a threat to children. These deaths and injuries were not caused by COVID-19. What caused them? For want of a better term it is called sudden death syndrome.

Scientists agree that COVID-19 is associated with vascular inflammation and coagulation pathology such as blood clots and strokes that can be disabling as well as deadly. What has not been recognized is that the effects of the spike proteins injected into bodies are much more severe and long lasting than when introduced through infection with the COVID-19 virus. At a 9 December 2022 Children’s Defense Fund roundtable lead by Senator Ron Johnson, Dr. Robert Malone discussed a study at Stanford University establishing that the average vaccinated individual gets larger doses of spike protein from the vaccine than the average COVID-19 patient gets from the virus.

One can’t watch a this video about alleged sudden deaths without demanding to know what  is going on. Are the videos real? Are they fake? Stew Peters, who produced the montage is known for his conspiracy-laden podcasts. His video starts with 9/11, the JFK assassination and other alleged conspiracies. The main thesis is that these deaths are part of global conspiracy to reduce the world’s population. But many of these so-called deaths never occurred, or occurred in unvaccinated individuals.  Dr Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch have both expressed concerns that inaccurate inflammatory information in that video will provide a rationale for critics to repudiate the central thesis, which has yet to be disproven, that the COVID-19 vaccines are contributing to sudden deaths.

It doesn’t really matter if these deaths are a result of a conspiracy to control the world’s population or simply the unlucky synergism of power, greed, stupidity and group think. The effects are the same, death and long-term disability. But before we delve into the “why” let’s try to explain the “what.” Do these videos really identify a problem, or have news makers selectively dramatized occasional random deaths that have occurred over time for years? And where do we find the data to establish the case, from the CDC and Pfizer? No, we find it in databases from the life insurance and funeral home industries.

Former investment manager for Blackrock, Ed Dowd implicates COVID-19 injections in deaths, disability and diminished overall health in the population. In an interview with Dr Drew Pinsky, Dowd discusses a correlation between the advent of the mandated jabs and increased deaths. He noted a sudden increase in deaths and disabilities during a three month period in the fall of 2021 when corporate and government agencies began mandating the COVID-19 shots. In January 22, insurance executive Scott Davison noted a 40% increase in unexpected deaths in the fall of 2021. This is well above the one-in -200 years event label calculated by life insurance companies. This increase in deaths happened to occur after the vaccine was first mandated by corporations and government agencies in 2021.  However, Davison did not see any link between the vaccines and the deaths. Instead, reflecting the zeitgeist of the times, he volunteered that employees were generally fearful of sharing their work environment with unvaccinated employees. 

So, insurance companies reported a 40% increase in excess mortality among working-age adults during fall of 2021. Employed millennials had a tougher time.  Millennials aged 25 to 44 had an 84% increase in excess mortality in that same timeframe. Since the rollout of the COVID-19 jabs, the number of Americans who claim to be disabled has risen by at least 10%, possibly more. In 2021 the rate of disability in the employed work force, as measured by the department of Labor increased from 3.1% to 3.8%, a 22.6% increase. Since then the rates vary from 7.5% to 8.5%. From 2021 to the present the overall of increase in the rate of change was 3 standard deviations. Dowd says the chances of that happening are .0001!

During this same time frame, women experienced a 32% increase in disability, men a 19% rise. This data correlates with VAERS  data showing that women report more adverse effects from the jab.

While some have attempted to attribute these findings to failure to screen for cancer during the pandemic, suicides secondary to shutdowns, and overdoses, particularly fentanyl overdoses, Dowd says his findings are specific to the period when mandated vaccines were introduced in 2021, and that no other variable would have given such a strong signal during that limited time frame.

According to the Boards of Actuaries, from  2010-2013 the group life insured excess death rate was 30 to 40 percent lower than the rate of excess deaths compared to the general public. This was expected as the group life population, compared to the general population, included healthy people who were employed and had medical insurance. During the first 9 months of 2020, when COVID-19 cases mushroomed, excess deaths in the general population remained higher than the group life insurance population. But in 2021 the pattern changed. There was a 40% excess mortality in the group life population, but only 31.7% excessive mortality in general population. Dowd’s hypothesis is that the group life population moved into a higher risk category because of the vaccines mandated by employers. The vaccine mandates provides a way to understand this data.

To summarize, death, disability, and shortened life spans requires research and remediation. In 2021, the average life span in the US is expected to go from 76.9 to 76.6. Since the start of the pandemic in 2019, life expectancy has dropped by 2.26 years, the largest decline since the Second World War.

Eminent cardiologists Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Aseem Malhotrad in a video entitled “Unless Proven Otherwise,” provide a more reasoned, less sensational approach compared to Stew Peter’s video discussed at the beginning of this post. Note the extensive bibliography posted by Drs Mc Cullough and  Malhotrad their Until Proven Otherwise website.  These doctors believe that sudden deaths are vaccine related unless proven otherwise.

Dr Meryl Nass interviewed an electrical engineer John Beaudoin who has been investigating vaccine deaths in Massachusetts. He said the myocarditis death statistics give an inaccurate picture of the extent of the problem. He says focusing on myocarditis is too narrow. The death rates  need to be multiplied by a factor of 100 because there are so many other causes of death such as kidney failure (Remdesivir), stroke, brain bleeds and heart attack. He has a database of people who died or first experienced severe symptoms after their first jab.

On a 4 December Substack post by Dr McCullough, he reports the results from autopsies by German pathologists on 35 people who died within 20 days of the COVID-19 jab. The paper reports a definitive link between vaccine in some sudden death cases and a suspicion of a link in others. After ruling out 10 overdose deaths, “The remaining 25 (71%) had final diagnoses consistent with a vaccine injury syndrome including myocardial infarction, worsening heart failure, vascular aneurysm, pulmonary embolism, fatal stroke, and vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.” 

In a December 2022 interview,  Dr Drew, pathologist Dr Ryan Cole and Dr Kelly Victory, discuss how the spike protein causes damage wherever it travels to, which happens to be throughout the body, including the heart. Dr Cole showed photos of the inflammation caused by the spike protein, otherwise called the mRNA lipid nanoparticles.  These nanoparticles leak into tissues throughout the body and, contrary to official denials, have been proven to remain in the body for as long as four months. He included a photo of a ruptured aorta caused by the spike protein. He has noted an increase in cancer cases and exacerbation of previously treated cancers.  The spike protein down regulates the P53 tumor suppressor gene, also known as the guardian of the genome.  Cole showed photos of massive clots taken from living patients. These clots, some up to 6 inches long, contain amyloid material that the body cannot break down. These are the result of system wide inflammation of the epithelium. He says that Covid-19 and the spike proteins are essentially the same disease and that the vaccines confer more risk than benefit.

These sudden deaths are an issue few mainstream reporters and doctors write about, and if they do, they tend to attribute it to lockdowns leading to missed cancer and heart disease diagnoses. However, a paper in the BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics found that for young adults ages 18-29, covid jabs would prevent 32 COVID-19 hospitalizations at the cost of 593.5 serious adverse events. The cost benefit analysis just doesn’t justify current practices. Those who dig deeper searching for answers, such as the highly published Dr McCollough, faces loss of board certification and other sanctions for expressing his views.     

While working on this post I learned that Grant Wahls had suddenly died. On 9 December, I googled “Grant Wahls covid vaccine”. On top of the page was a link to a twitter note regarding his getting the vaccine in April 2021. It said, “I got my vaccination at the Javits Center.” A corresponding tweet from his wife, a physician, congratulated him on his decision and extolled the advantages of the vaccine. On December 10 I repeated the previous inquiry to get more details. This time the first search results were filled with government information on COVID and sites in Fresno where one could get the vaccine. Were there behind the scenes communications at Google similar to those we are now learning took place at Twitter to prevent “misinformation?”

A third inquiry using the same search parameters, took me to this page with more background. It discussed the circumstances of his death, and also strongly challenged rumors that he may have died due to complications from his vaccine(s). The site discussed numerous falsehoods in Stew Peters video. Is it possible that when the financial value of hits outweighs the value of truth, restoring truth becomes problematic.

The site reported that Wahl had “major chest pain on 5 December and had to see a doctor where he was diagnosed with bronchitis and given some antibiotics and cough syrup.” The post strongly denied any possible link between his death and his vaccine status.

I decided to do one more search on Dec 12, again using the same search terms. I got pages and pages of pro vaccination links.

In George Orwell’s 1984, people have learned not to trust what they see or hear, unless it comes from Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth. If you don’t see or hear it, it never happened. Even though much of the data presented here is not new, the debate has yet to be a part of the public discourse. It has never happened.

But there is room for hope. Even though a google search on “Dr McCullough”  reveals him to be a “misinformation doctor,” Apple regularly streams podcasts of McCullough Report. Vaccine mandates at the University of California are going away, as are mandates for active duty personnel. Mainstream personalities such as Dr Drew are interviewing health care professional who have so far been considered outliers. Senator Ron Johnson has held round table discussions with outliers exposing the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry

I recall Dr Cole, one of those outliers saying that the public attitudes will not change until people know someone who has been harmed by the injections. Many people knew of Grant Wahl from his role as a sportswriter. An autopsy on Mr Wahl’s body, if it demonstrated vaccine injury, might facilitate a turning point.

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