Biden: Make The Pandemic Worse. Get The Shot!

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This post contains a 3 minute video of my presentation to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and a slightly modified version of a column I sent to The Union, our local paper, which, if past history is any indication, will be summarily rejected.

Here is the video:

I submitted this column entitled, “Misinformation from The Union,” to address the fact that my comments were excluded from the coverage of the Nevada County Board of Supervisors Meeting held on 12 October. Here is the column:

I read the coverage on the Board of Supervisors meeting Monday. The article cited two speakers opposed to the vaccine mandate. The first, Reintte Senum discussed people walking off their jobs because of the mandate and side effects such as heart inflammation.  Staff writer William Roller interjected the CDC’s “safe and effective” mantra twice in response to her comments.  Dr Wagner Patrick addressed the need for informed consent. Yes, as the title says, they were venting about COVID.

I also spoke at that meeting. I told the supervisors that they might not believe what I had to say, but that a year from now they would remember that they heard it here first. I was not “venting.” I was sharing research recently published in the Journal of Epidemiology showing an inverse relationship between extent of vaccinations and number of cases and deaths.   If I wasn’t clear then, let me be clear now. Whether you are looking at countries or counties, the more you vaccinate a population the higher number of cases and deaths follow, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Israel is a prime example of this. Some of the reasons for this involve waning of jab’s effectiveness after three months, vaccine-induced evolution of the virus itself, and increased viral load in asymptomatic vaccinated individuals. ( The original claims of asymptomatic spreaders in the unvaccinated has been proven false.) I stated that Biden’s mandate will increase case numbers and deaths in the long run, even while providing short term relief for individuals who survived the two jabs.

The above research was based on official government statistics, not my opinions. You won’t get this information from mainstream media reporters who are committed to the so-called “trusted news initiative.” However, independent bloggers and journalists are examining this phenomena and the multiple causes for it in great detail.  I wonder why my presentation was not mentioned. Maybe there was no handy CDC meme available for a response. If my comments are accurate, a “safe and effective” response would have been inadequate. My comments are newsworthy because they challenge the conventional wisdom. Such a claim, even if wrong, would at least be newsworthy. And if it is wrong, it should be easy to refute. There is no need to refute the comments or the research as long as the story remains buried.

Nothing to see here folks. 


  1. It is counter to scientific inquiry and sound conclusions to suppress, censor or ignore research and information that counters the popular narrative. History has shown that only after years of suppression and ignorance has dangerous science been corrected. This happened with the changed perspective that finally concluded the popular “science” promoting smoking, DDT, asbestos, flame retardants, lead, etc was harmful. We should learn from the past, but will the big pharma bought off media and government “oversight” agencies allow an honest discussion of vaccine harm? Thank you for helping to bring awareness to this pressing health issue however you can get through.

    • Thank you, Paula. The data you refer to corresponds with the statistics I have been reading for weeks. Thank you for bringing the information forward. I hope the Union will have the courage and fairness to publish your column. Cansorship is a great danger in our country at this time. All findings and data should be published and debated freely.

      • Thanks, Jan. It was Dave Moyers who presented the findings that he reported above. Dave, let us know if your column gets published or if they decide for some convoluted reason it’s heresy.

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