COVID-19, the Kidnappers, and the Stockholm Syndrome.

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I submitted a proposal to Sue Hoek and Public Health to end the pandemic. I don’t know if it will be implemented, discussed, or even put on the docket. However, I do know some factors that will affect the vetting process. COVID has challenged our historical commitment to evidence-based medicine, diversity of ideas and inalienable rights. I believe we have been kidnapped by almost irresistible forces I am calling COVID and COMPANY

Let me start with a classic examples of Stockholm syndrome.

After the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped Patricia Hearst, she was locked in a room with blindfolds on for days at a time. Without any possibility of escape, she had only two choices, resist and face the consequences, or identify with, even love her captors. She chose the latter. Remember the photos of her robbing a bank holding a rifle?

So who kidnapped us and how did they do it? COVID-19 came from the Chinese communists, the Wuhan Lab, and US funded gain of function research.

The COMPANY piece comes from the WHO, NIH, FDA, CDC, AMA, big Pharma, “trusted news initiative,” academia, a man called Fauchi, public health, and Presidents Trump and Biden. COVID AND COMPANY kidnapped us.   

“But that is impossible,” you say.  “They didn’t lock us up and control every aspect of our lives like they did with Patricia Hearst.”


First they injected fear into us with daily reporting of cases and deaths.  The media warned us 24-7 about COVID-19, a disease with an overall mortality rate of approximately 1% depending on age. Our kidnappers forced us to stay in our homes, abandon our friends, stop work, school, vacation plans, social activities. They told us to wear masks, get the “vaccine” or lose our jobs.  We have to mandate shots to protect the protected from the unprotected, even though we all have to be protected from the protected because they are unknowingly spreading the virus and increasing cases.

We have been canceled online for trying to share effective early interventions with each other.

When we got symptoms they told us to stay at home, isolate and wait for more acute symptoms. They lied. Said there was no outpatient treatment. COVID-19 is bad enough, but COVID AND COMPANY made it worse. What are some of the consequences?  

As ethicist and psychiatry professor Aaron Kheriaty was being escorted from his workplace at UC Irving for refusing to get the  jab, a security guard berated him for putting his life in danger. But Kheriaty had natural immunity far superior to vaccines. I saw a woman on TV right after she got the new COVID-19 jab. She was crying tears of joy and gratitude.  “Now I am free,” she exclaimed. “I can go back to living the life I want to live.” She remained kidnapped by COVID AND COMPANY.

While higher vaccinated states have lower hospitalizations and deaths compared to lower vaccinated states, overall the cases keep increasing in those highly vaccinated states. Israel with its increasingly higher peaks and valleys is a good example of that.  Nevada County has a similar pattern of increasing peaks and valleys. It is going to be a long winter.

We are collectively suffering from a mass psychosis based on irrational fear that is impairing our ability to think clearly. Anyone who challenges COVID AND COMPANY is risking social isolation, even death on a respirator. When my wife told a friend she and four other members of the family had COVID-19 and treated it successfully with ivermectin her friend said, “Well, you are one of the lucky ones.”

Try telling someone that the Pfizer jab was approved based on fraudulent data. Tell them the alleged vaccines, while helpful in the short term, are making the pandemic worse. Tell them we can end the pandemic. Run before they respond. You are disrespecting those who kidnapped you in order to save you.  

And finally, if anyone does challenge COVID AND COMPANY, this will threaten a highly profitable enterprise that is more interested in protecting itself and making money regardless of the human cost in disability and death.  

COVID didn’t kill all 775,000 US citizens. COVID AND COMPANY killed and are still killing thousands of us. No wonder we are still suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

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