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Where do We Go from Here?

Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Dave's Blog | 2 comments
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Earlier in our odyssey, we learned that testing “proved” that he had Bartonella Henselae and that he didn’t have Babesia. In 2002 his Bartonella was treated with Cipro and supposedly cured, but later the testing indicated the infection had returned. He was successfully treated a second time. Chris’ doc at that time—we can call him Dr S—said he didn’t have Babesia. I figured we could leave that all behind. Not so. At our 5 March appointment with Dr Z he said he wanted Chris to sequentially take two homeopathic drops from the Byron White Formulas, A Bart and A BAB, starting with five drops twice a day and increasing to 15 twice a day unless he has a Herx....

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