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Earlier in our odyssey, we learned that testing “proved” that he had Bartonella Henselae and that he didn’t have Babesia. In 2002 his Bartonella was treated with Cipro and supposedly cured, but later the testing indicated the infection had returned. He was successfully treated a second time. Chris’ doc at that time—we can call him Dr S—said he didn’t have Babesia. I figured we could leave that all behind. Not so.

At our 5 March appointment with Dr Z he said he wanted Chris to sequentially take two homeopathic drops from the Byron White Formulas, A Bart and A BAB, starting with five drops twice a day and increasing to 15 twice a day unless he has a Herx. Presumably, the presence of these pathogens would result in a Herx. If he Herxes—he never has—we are to stop the treatment and start again in a few days with just a few drops. This will supposedly rule out Bartonella and Babesia and begin the treatment process. His reasoning is thus: Lyme weakens the immune system allowing other infections, some of which are more damaging to brain function than others. He said Lyme was not the culprit. It simply allowed an environment conducive to coinfections which could be Bartonella and/or Babesia. Looks like the A Lyme formula directed at Lyme specifically will have to wait.

Treatment needs to start with identifying and treating those infections. Otherwise, treating Lyme first will not be effective. I had heard that before, but that is not what I wanted to hear. I told him that Babesia had been ruled out and Bartonella had been successfully treated twice. He said there are 26 species of Bartonella and 106 species of Babesia and that testing only assesses for a small number of them. That would suggest that the Bartonella and Babesia testing we had done in 2002 was not worth the price we paid. I asked him about C. Pneumonia, an atypical bacteria that confers a six fold odds ratio of psychosis. He said that Lyme and C. Pneumonia do not cause psychosis. Previous testing demonstrated a significant level of C. Pneumonia. I disagreed with him. The literature supports that Lyme confers almost a two fold increased risk for major psychiatric illness and C. Pneumonia confers a six time increased risk for schizophrenia syndrome. While association does not equal causation, there is a significant body of literature discussed in Beyond Mental Illness that suggests a significant role for these and other pathogens in major bio behavioral syndromes. Given there are case reports in the medical literature reporting the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment in bipolar syndrome, I do not believe Dr Z was correct to minimize the role of Lyme and C. Pneumonia in Chris’s bipolar syndrome. Dr Z., who sees Chris for half an hour every month, has not spent the time to review his complex medical and treatment history. But then again, I am not a physician, just a frustrated parent. Still, I would like to see the treatment focus on known pathogens for which we have Lab tests such as C. Pneumonia, Borrelia Burgdorferi and a number of mycoplasmas.
Byron White claims he cured himself of Lyme with his formulas. Over 400 doctors use them. Dr Z said they strengthen the immune system and can disrupt cysts forms of pathogens as well as treat C. Pneumonia. So, while we wait to treat the Lyme disease, he is taking his psychiatric medications, nutritional supplements and the drops while staying at a transition facility called Odyssey House. Dr Z also wrote a prescription for Amantadine for Borna Disease Virus, another virus empirically linked to bipolar syndrome, and specifically limbic dysfunction. But we will first complete the Byron White protocols before starting Amantadine since that could also cause excessive tiredness which could be interpreted as a Herx.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog when searching for BWF info. I am taking several of their herbal formulas too. They are not homeopathics btw. But anyway I thought I would tell you that I heard there is a free teleconference that Byron is giving on March 13th at 5:30 . You have to go on their website to register and save a space. SInce they don’t sell to patients only to docs it won’t be a sales op but an educational course they said. I think it is going to be very informative and probably tell us stuff we didn’t hear from our docs. They said there will be a question answer period at the end too. I can’t wait. How is your progress coming along?

    • Kay,
      Thanks for the heads up on the Byron White Formula. Will check it out. Chris stopped taking it a few months ago. Said he didn’t like the taste. Dave

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